Military Optical RF Equipment Ltd.

About MORE

MORE is a privately held start-up company specializing in the design and manufacturing of innovative RF and RF-Photonic solutions for military and civilian applications. MORE’s technology provides efficient ECM and ESM solutions satisfying the changing demands of modern electro-magnetic scenarios. Our R&D team is comprised of experts in diverse technological fields with reach record of industrial and academic achievements. MORE works in close collaboration with Israeli MOD.

Products and Technology

Innovative RF-Photonics based ECM

  • Effective against modern radars
  • UWB, negligible latency, coherent, multi-target
  • Low SWaP

Ultra-Wideband RF Sensing

  • Tremendous instantaneous bandwidth
  • High dynamic range and sensitivity
  • Core technology for defense & civilian markets

RF and data over fiber connectivity

  • High bandwidth and dynamic range, low transmission loss
  • Low weight, operates over extreme temperatures
  • Unprecedented communications security

RADAR target & ECM simulators

  • HW in the loop system tests for modern RADARs
  • Waveform-agnostic, coherent, environmental effects
  • Simulation of ECM environment