EIM COATECH, a division at EIM Group, specializing in providing solutions for electronic systems protection (components and circuit boards) from outside influences that might harm the propriety and / or functioning.

COATECH offers protection solutions in three stages:

  • Cleaning of electronic components and circuits.
  • Bonding, gluing and insulation components and wiring.
  • A protective layer coating on components and electronic circuits.

The proposed solutions allows to the electronic systems a longer service life and prevent failures in the functioning, resulting from: vibration and hits of the electronic systems during operations, extreme temperature, exposure to dust, haze, humidity and water contact, exposure to vapors of chemical materials, high salinity and many other pollutants.

Advanced technology combined with experienced professional staff, COATECH ensures quality solutions according to the customer requirements and the specifications of international standards: IPC-830, MIL STD, IPC-A-610 Class III.


PCB Cleaning And Washing

EIM COATECH, specializes cleaning / washing processes and removing existing coating of printed circuits and electronic components. The technological capabilities at EIM COATECH, combined with the knowledge and experience, provides services which include removing: existing coating, oil and tin residue, melting the solder pastes, and any other pollutant that can damage the functioning of the circuit.

Adhesion And Underfill

EIM COATECH, specializes in providing adhesion and underfill solutions, to strengthen and insulation of components and wiring on PCB. Depending on customer requirements, unique adhesion processes are made to allow components, circuits and electronic systems provided high survival capability in extreme conditions of vibration and hit.

Conformal Coating

EIM COATECH, specializes in providing conformal coating and protection solutions for electronic systems (components and printed circuit boards), in order to enable the systems longer service life and prevent failures functioning at real time, caused by extreme working, weather changes and environment conditions.

Mechanical Assembly

COATECH offers customers, mechanical assembly service of electronic systems and devices, including control systems and electronic sensors for security, firefighting, smart home and more. Mechanical assembly service, allows great savings in time and high financial cost needed to complete the project.

EIM Group Is Certified For Diamond Mark By The Israeli Standards Institute
For Having Quality Standards

  • AS 9100D  – Aerospace Quality Management Systems.
  • ISO 9001 – Certified Management and Quality System.
  • ISO 13485 – Certified Management and Quality System for Medical Equipment.
  • ISO 14001 – Certified Environmental Management System.
  • OHSAS 18001 – Certified Safety and Occupational Health Management System.
  • SI 10000 – Standard for Social Responsibility Management.
  • Voluntary Code  –  Certified for Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Places