Quality Standards

EIM Group is certified for Diamond Mark by the Israeli Standards Institute.

The Group holds the following standard certifications:

  • AS 9100D – Aerospace Quality Management System
  • ISO 9001 – Certified Management and Quality System
  • ISO 13485 – Certified Management and Quality System for Medical Equipment
  • ISO 14001 – Certified Environmental Management System
  • ISO 18001 – Certified Safety and Occupational Health Management System
  • SI 10000 – Standard for Social Responsibility Management.
  • Voluntary Code – Certified for Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Places.

The AS 9100D Standard
is the Group`s flag standard. This standard is required in industries active in the fields of aerospace and defense (air, sea and land) in Israel and worldwide. Maintaining the standard and activity according to it are characteristic of advanced organizations producing aerospace and defense products, assemblies and boards, developing hardware and software and executing systems integration and maintenance.

The AS 9100 Standard was prepared by an international organization (SAE Aerospace) sponsored by IAQG – the aerospace industry umbrella organization, including some of the greatest companies in this area, such as – Boeing Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, GE, MTU, Airbus and others. The certificate to the standard combines requirements of the Israeli Standard ISO 9001 with other (legislative and aerospace) requirements. In addition, accompanying standards have been established for subjects such as: appraisal, changing of key characteristics, risks management in the chain of supply and others (AS9103, AS9115, AS9110, AS9120, and AS9102).

Israeli Standard ISO 9001 is an international standard defining requirements for quality system management. Compliance with the standard requirements indicates that the organization is able to supply consistently a product complying with the customer requirements and with the applicable legislative requirements. The standard indicates also that the organization strives at increasing the customers` satisfaction by effective implementation of quality system in the company, implements processes for constant improvement of the system by assuring conformity with the customer requirements and with the applicable legislative requirements.
Standard ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System was created following the growing awareness of the importance of assimilating the preservation of environmental quality as an integral part of the organizations` management infrastructure and of the ensuing legislation, requiring from the organizations commitment to the subject and taking responsibility for the impacts of their business activity.

An environmental management system enables us to identify, manage and reduce our environmental impacts in parallel to the assessment and implementation of processing for the continuous handling and prevention of environmental impacts, while defining objectives and work plans for their achievement, identification and verification of compliance with the legal requirements and moving forward with improvement processes, granting confidence to our customers and stakeholders.

The OHSAS 18001 Standard for Safety and Occupational Health
refers to the subject of care and preservation of workers` health and safety and – in parallel – improvement of the quality and professional profile of the group. Obtaining the certification confirms and regularizes the recognition that the group takes the necessary means required for the realization of its obligation to the health and safety of its workers.

A system for management of safety and occupational health enables the group to identify, assess and execute risks control for its workers while acting for reduction of the risks, defining handling and prevention processes in a consistent and systematic way, defining of safety and health objectives, and proactively planning change and improvement processes.

The ISO 13485 Quality Standard for Medical Equipment is intended for organizations developing, producing, installing, distributing and granting services for medical equipment. It includes most of the requirements of the American FDA. The recognition by Israel Standards Institution of the adaptation of the group quality management system to the requirements of ISO 13485 indicates that the group takes the necessary measures required for the realization of its commitment to the quality of its products.

Israeli Standard 10000:2013 for Social Responsibility implements a system attitude of the group for social responsibility and reflects the way in which we conceive and implement the social, environmental, economic and ethical considerations as an integral part of the core of our business activity. In the modern era, social responsibility constitutes an important factor in the group`s organizational and business success and strengthens the firmness of our business and our relations with all our stakeholders. We are proud to be the first organization in Israel to be granted a certificate of the standard in its new version.

Voluntary Code for Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Work Places. Sexual harassment is a social phenomenon that violates human dignity, liberty, privacy and the right to equality. Sexual harassment in workplaces is common and severe, and can be seen in large organizations as small, private and public. Research shows that in an organization where there is an atmosphere that facilitates sexual harassment, productivity declines and the organization loses valuable organizational knowledge. The purpose of the voluntary code to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace is to guide employers to create a safe working environment without sexual harassment, and to bridge the gap between the legislator’s language and the organization’s language, thus facilitating organizations to achieve the important security atmosphere for their employees.

Implementation of the Code’s guidelines in the organization will lead employers to comply with the provisions of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law and its regulations, while acting on the basis of moral responsibility, which promotes social norms and deals effectively and effectively with the phenomenon.