Social and Environmental Policy 2017

EIM Group operates according to the laws, orders, regulations and official standards of the State of Israel and meets all the requirements of the law to which it is committed (out of the quality policy), including all laws and regulations related to social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

EIM Group considers achieving a high level of quality for its employees, products and services, a necessary condition for acquiring the trust and satisfaction of its customers and as a basis for its business conduct.

EIM Group’s management strives to instill in the employees and members of management an attitude that any action taken will be in accordance with the Group’s social-environmental values.

The principles of social and environmental policy apply to all of the Group’s activity in all its subsidiaries and departments. They apply to all areas used by the Group and all employees wherever they are.


For this purpose, all employees that were accepted to work in EIM Group will be briefed upon their recruitment regarding the group’s social and environmental policy.

EIM Group will act to ensure good business results while maintaining its employees and the environment and strengthening ties with the community and its empowerment.

The employees will act each within their responsibility to implement the Group social and environmental policy, to solve problems and to strive for continuous improvement. Each worker shall examine the causes of environmental-social hazards that are related to his area of activity and shall carry out corrective and preventive actions in accordance with the procedures


 EIM Group’s management will ensure that the employees have all the resources required to carry out their work in the best and most responsible manner. The resources include professional training, professional advancement of employees, proper working conditions and any other equipment required to implement the Group’s policy.

EIM Group’s management will build, manage and measure a “partnership with success” system with all stakeholders throughout the term of their engagement with them to improve dialogue and promote innovation and business excellence, including addressing social and environmental issues.