Social-Environmental Responsibility Management Policy

  • This policy was formulated and expanded by the steering committee based on the quality policy and the existing procedures and will be managed in accordance therewith.
  • As a basic condition, the Group operates in accordance with the official laws, orders, regulations and standards of the State of Israel and meets all of the legal requirements to which it is committed. (from the Quality Policy)
  • The Group views achieving a high level of quality for its employees, its products and its services, a necessary condition for gaining the trust and satisfaction of its customers and as a basis for its business conduct.
  • The Group management strives to instill in all employees and board members an attitude that each transaction made will be in accordance with the social values of the Group. For this purpose, every Group member will be trained upon acceptance to work and on a regular basis in regards to the social policy of the Group.

For this purpose, all Group members will be trained upon acceptance to work in regards to the social-environmental policy of the Group.

  • The Group will operate to ensure better business outcomes while maintaining a commitment for the protection of the rights and dignity of its employees, protection of the environment, strengthening of ties with the community, all of the stakeholders and their empowerment.
  • The employees will operate each within his area of responsibility for the implementation of the social, social – environmental policy for the resolution of problems and the desire for continuous improvement. Each employee will examine the causes of environmental-social hazards related to his field of activity and will take corrective and preventive actions in accordance with the procedures.
  • The Group management will provide the employees all of the resources necessary for the performance of their work in the best, safest and most responsible manner, the resources include professional training, personal and professional advancement of employees, providing proper working conditions and all other equipment required to implement the Group policy.
  • The Group management will build, manage and measure a “successful partnership” with the suppliers and stakeholders throughout the term of the contract with them to improve the dialogue and promote innovation and business excellence.