EIM GROUP - Solid. Stable. Qualified.


The department evolved from EIM Systems & Components and has a long historical background professional.
The First Division today acts as a representative of first class companies worldwide (such as HUBER + SUHNER, TOSHIBA MW and others) developing sub systems and systems based on customer requests.
The 30 years of experience brings with it not only know how, but also customer trust and long relationships.
We are proud to be one of the few companies that support the market, not only in sales but also with developing and producing according to customer needs.


The COATECH division is a part of the EIM group and was created in order to give a solution to systems in which there is a need for environmental protection of their circuits and electronic components.  The encapsulation creates a protective layer between the circuit and the external world and creates high survivability of the circuit in particular and to the system in general.


With vast knowledge and experience of nearly 3 decades, ESC – Embedded Super Computing, which was lately announced as Daughter Company to E.I.M group, deals with every aspect of modern computing technology.
From Custom made O.E.M / O.D.M solutions to full HPC clusters and advanced Storage solutions, if your needs are in computing, rest assure, E.I.M will have the solution, elegantly and professionally tailored to your needs.